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Our Customers... 8 out of top 10 pharma companies to emerging biotechs

The idea that sparked Rudraya and continues to support our long-term relationships with clients is simple yet innovative: deliver solutions and services that result in high-value, measurable business results.

Rudraya is a combination of traditional and advanced high tech industries, built to deliver measurable business results through the rapid application and support of advanced technology.

8 to 1600+ cores NONMEM / R compute clusters supported and maintained 24x7

Rudraya's team has completed multiple consulting projects for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Our global delivery capability is based on a solid foundation of expertise, experience, insights, process and infrastructure coupled with sound scientific, engineering and management capability and practices.

Rudraya: 20 most promising AWS solution providers


Booth #1 and 2

October 4 to 7, 2020
Aurora, CO



June 22 to 25, 2021

Ljubljana, Slovenia

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March 10 to 13, 2021

Washington, DC


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