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Neonates in intensive care units (ICUs) are highly vulnerable to suboptimal drug prescriptions. Drug dosing in neonates is complex and needs to be optimized on a daily basis. Prescription errors are frequent (up to 10% with junior physicians in ICUs) and result in overdosing or underdosing, which in turn affect clinical outcomes. Advances in health technology have brought opportunities for creating bedside decision support tools, including applications for smartphones and tablets (apps). Ownership of smartphones and tablets by medical professionals is >80%. The main objective of this initiative is to develop apps and tools for neonatologists at Universitäts-Kinderspital beider Basel, Switzerland.

Bedside Decision Support Tools and Apps

NeoPrescription Tool

NeoWeight Prediction Tool

NeoDose Correction Tool

  • Calculates individual doses for neonates
  • Dose based on body weight, post natal age (PNA), gestational age (GA) and/or serum creatinine
  • Dose recommendations as per reference guidelines
  • Permits neonatologists to easily access up-to-date dose information
  • Web based interface
  • Predicts In-Hospital Natural Weight Changes in Term Neonates
  • Web-based application
  • Using Semi-mechanistic Model
  • Based on individual characteristics (covariates)
  • Forecast weight changes after the first day of life until 7 days
  • Calculates time it will take to return to normal dosing after overdosing
  • Based on individual drugs dosing interval and half life
  • Web based interface

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